Independence Fleet Rules & Regulations



1-A: Character names must not already be in use in the world of fiction, including but not limited to literature, film, and television.  For example, there is already a "Harry Potter" from the popular juvenile books, an "Indiana Jones" from the "Indiana Jones" movies, and a "Melinda May" from the "Agents of SHIELD" television program.  Therefore, there can be no Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, or Melinda May in the fleet.  You could, however, have an Indiana Potter, Melinda Jones, or even a Harry May.

1-B: Characters may be from any intelligent species in the Star Trek continuum.  Players are discouraged; however, from creating characters with God-like powers (E.g. "Q") Players may create new races.

1-C: Players may have no more than one playing character on any given sim.  Players are permitted to have multiple non-playing characters on a sim unless otherwise directed by the sim CO. Additionally, players are permitted to have multiple characters in the fleet within reason. Multiple characters must have different names and their ranks will not correspond. It is strongly recommended that no player have more than 3 active characters in the fleet at one time. Having too many characters can lead to burn out and disinterest.


2-A: Unless otherwise noted all sims are rated PG-13. Players may not use extensive violence, profanity, or sexual content in posts.  If it's not appropriate for Star Trek, it's not appropriate for our sims. If a sim is not rated PG-13, specific ratings and rules/regulations will be clearly outlined on the sim website.

2-B: Players may not kill or seriously maim another player-controlled character without the Commanding Officer's permission.  Players are permitted to kill non-player-controlled characters. Players should use caution in killing non-player controlled characters if they have been used by other players in the storyline.

2-C: Players may not start or end a mission for their sim without the Commanding Officer's permission.

2-D: Players must use the posting format endorsed by their sim, be it prose, script, or both. Unless otherwise noted the minimum word count for each post is 100 words. Each Commanding Officer may at his/her discretion increase that limit as he/she sees fit.

2-E: All characters must post at least once every two weeks, unless on an approved Leave of Absence..

2-F: Characters may only post one mission post and one personal log in a row in less than 24 hours. . Posts with multiple authors do not count toward this limitation.

2-G: The use of Google docs or other such online collaborative programs is allowed when building a large group post. The use of these programs does not however alleviate the responsibility of each crewmember from logging into the ship website and posting some kind of solo post or personal log at least once a month. Additionally, in cases where Google Docs is used, the Task Force Commander and Fleet Admiral should be added to the document for courtesy's sake.

Commanding Officers

3-A: Each sim will be assigned one commanding officer.

3-B: Commanding Officers have complete control over story and missions parameters for their respective sims.

3-C: Commanding Officers will determine the chain of command for their respective sims.

3-D: Commanding Officers will assign ranks and positions for their crew.  Commanding Officers may promote members of their crew up to Commander (O-5). The Captain should consult the Chief of Fleet Operations and Commander in Chief if/when appointing members to the position of Executive Officer.

3-E: Commanding Officers are not permitted to destroy their starship/starbase or change its class, name, or registry number without the permission of the Chief of Fleet Operations.

3-F: Commanding Officers are not permitted to remove their sim from the fleet without the permission of the Commander-in-Chief.

3-G: Players may command no more than one sim, unless specifically authorized by the Commander in Chief in emergency situations.

3-H: Commanding Officers will be provided a fleet sanctioned social media site, in which they may interact with the crew outside of the ships normal parameters. The social media site will be maintained up to the standards put forward by Independence Fleet and will fall under all the same rules and regulations of the fleet. The use of social media is considered a privilege and no other social media for ship business shall be used beyond that approved by the Admiralty.  Additionally, any removal of the fleet command officers from these Social Media sites will result in immediate dismissal.


4-A: The Senior Admiralty will consist of the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Fleet Operations, the Chief of Fleet Development, the Chief of Fleet Security/Inspector General, and the Chief of Fleet Personnel.

4-B: In addition to the Senior Admiralty, the Admiralty will consist of Task Force Commanders , Deputy Task Force Commanders, support staff members, and other positions as assigned by the Commander in Chief.

4-C: The Commander in Chief will assign at his/her discretion the remaining members of the Admiralty. Only the Commander in Chief is permitted to elevate any member to the rank of Rear Admiral or higher.

4-D: The Senior Admiralty will work with the Task Force Commanders, and Commanding Officers to ensure smooth operations of the fleet.

4-E: All members of the Admiralty will be bound to a non-competence and confidentiality clause, requiring that no member of the Admiralty may hold rank or serve in any other fleet, without the direct approval of the Commander in Chief. Nor shall any member of the Admiralty share confidential information with any individual outside of the Admiralty  without the express consent of the Commander in Chief. ANY violation of this will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

4-F: All members of the Admiralty, from Commander in Chief down, will work to ensure successful operation of all sim's in the fleet.

4-G: It will be the responsibility of the Senior Admiralty to oversee the usage of all social media sites designated for fleet usage. The Commander-in-Chief will be admin to all fleet social media outlets unless otherwise directed by the same, and the Inspector General will be required to monitor all social media to ensure proper behavior and decorum are maintained.


5-A: Independence Fleet will issue monthly fleet-wide awards for simming excellence in the following categories: Best Post, Funniest Post, Genesis (Mission-starting Post), Most Posts, MVP, Rookie of the Month, Most Improved, and Recruitment.  Commanding Officers are ineligible for all awards except Genesis. These awards are to be published in a Newsletter, in a frequency of no less than bi-monthly.

5-B: Nominations for the fleet-wide awards will be due on the 4th of the month for the previous month.  For example, awards nominations for June are due on July 4th.

5-C: The Commander-in-Chief will determine the method for final awards voting each month.


6-A: All players must be respectful of others at all time.

6-B: Harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden.

6-C: All members of Independence Fleet shall be bound by the same rules of decorum expected of an officer in Starfleet. Respect and courtesy shall be expected towards all individuals. Any individual who verbally attacks, harrasses, threatens, disrespects or otherwise violates these rules of decorum will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

6-D: Have fun!  Star Trek is about discovering new things and pushing to the edge of our imaginations.  Be creative and have fun!

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